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Electronic dependence that cant be shaken off

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Cai Chaoyang's strategic goal has been questioned from all sides. "It is impossible for domestic airline customers to develop foreign markets alone, let alone enter the front-cabin equipment supply market." How to achieve the strategic development goals? In 2010, in order to find opportunities, Cai Zhaoyang took part in the German Hamburg interior decoration exhibition with his team and products, and became the first Chinese avionics manufacturer to attend the exhibition.
"In that year's exhibition, at a thematic Summit Forum organized by Airbus, only three of us were black-haired and yellow-skinned." Compared to Cai Zhaoyang's equipment and products, the label "exhibitors from China" has attracted enough attention from 2 partners. A senior executive of an American airline came to ask where they came from. The veteran was surprised when he learned that he was Chinese. "When the Chinese come, the price of equipment will be reduced by half." This simple exclamation suddenly made Cai Zhaoyang five kinds of miscellaneous stories. He said, first, the global avionics market has expectations for China, and the two is that the Chinese people have to remove the mark that can only be done as a cheap product. Cai Chaoyang has established his belief in continuing to move forward in the avionics market.
Breaking through the Three Passes of Certification in the International Market
When entering the international market, Donica is stuck at the certification gate again, which is blocked by three forensic thresholds. To install Chinese products on planes in the US and Europe, airworthiness certification must be applied to FA A and EA SA. If you want to show a movie on a video player, you must also be authorized by the film company.
FA A stipulates that only companies in the United States can apply for PMA licenses. Cai Chaoyang decided to adopt the strategy of "follow its course" and invited Americans to apply for airworthiness certification in the United States. In 2010, donic card international established branches in London and London respectively. The company hired foreign employees of all colors. "Americans understand their laws and regulations most. Later development has proved that this decision is correct." In 2011, Donica finally got the relevant airworthiness certificate.
On the Hollywood side, because of the piracy problem, it is difficult for Chinese companies to win the trust of the film companies. One Chinese employee of Dany card spent more than a year breaking through obstacles, and finally won the secret certificate of 6 movie companies.
If your cell phone doesn't ring all day, will you not feel used to it? Do you know what to do when you meet with difficult problems and do not turn to the Internet? Sitting on the bus, without MP3 players and game consoles, will time go by especially slowly? Since when, there are more and more electronic products around us. Mobile phones, computers, DVD, digital cameras, palm games, MP3, MP4, and the latest IPAD... Gary Shapiro, President of the American Consumer Electronics Association, said that China's total retail sales of consumer electronics accounted for 13% of the world's total consumption in 2010, and has become a big consumer of electronic products. Recently, an online survey showed that more than 70% of the 16 397 people who participated in the survey admitted that they were dependent on electronic products. Once they left, they would find life very inconvenient. For emerging electronic products, 35.26% of the people have the desire to buy, 41.64% of the people do not, 23.10% of the people choose "do not know".
More and more high-speed electronic products not only change the appearance of the world, but also change people's life and way of thinking all the time. They make life faster, faster and more interesting, but they are also called "electronic heroin" and become an indelible dependence in our lives.
A Life Kidnapped by Electronics
Xiao Zhang, 27, is a typical otaku. He works in a network company. He has three big treasures: computers, cell phones and I-PAD. At ordinary times, he spends 8 hours a day in front of the computer, and even spends his lunch break with his colleagues playing online games. After work, when he got on the bus, he took out MP3 to listen to the song, then connected his cell phone to QQ, while chatting with his friends and speaking on micro-blog. When he got home, he began to play games with IPAD, and the TV in the living room never tirelessly broadcasted news. Xiao Zhang said that he spent almost four years working after graduation, and these live digital products made up his life.
The change of electronic products to life is almost revolutionary. With radio and MP3, we no longer have to go to the theatre to listen to songs; with e-mail, traditional handwritten letters are as endangered as giant pandas; with e-books, we may never see paper books again one day; even sports are facing the danger of simplification, the popular video game WII, so that playing ball without going to the playground, has become a wave of arms at home. What can be done...
According to the Internet survey, more than half of the people continue to use electronic products for more than 8 hours a day, accounting for 37.2% of the total. In the study, communication and entertainment electronic products, more than 60% of the people have 1 to 3 pieces, and a few even have more than 15 pieces. Among them, the proportion of mobile phones, computers and TV sets is the highest. From GPS navigator to electronic photo frame and palm game machine, as long as the electronic products can be produced, someone will have it.
B From Health, Emotion to Cultural Deficiency
When it comes to the internet, there is nothing more popular than "blog" in the world. A New York Times report says: "as competition becomes more and more intense, many bloggers feel it is necessary for them to post new content 24 hours. The ultimate culprits are sleep disorders and weight loss. Over the past few months, three bloggers have died of overwork-related diseases.
In a forum in China, someone said in a post about e-books: "These addictive'e-heroin'not only damage our health, but also bring us emotional and cultural deficiencies."
The brain is severely damaged. In daily life, electronic products constantly send messages to the brain. Too much stimulation will deplete the brain's natural ability to operate. In such an environment for a long time, it will lead to a decline in memory, slow reaction, and inability to concentrate.
Mental anxiety is irritable. If you forget to bring your cell phone or your computer to work, it will make many people feel uncomfortable. Whether dependence on electronic products is well recognized, turn them off and see if you feel anxious. People who depend on electronic products will have a strong sense of thirst or impulse. When they reduce or stop using electronic products, they will experience physical discomfort, irritability, inattention, sleep disorders and other reactions.
Addiction changes personality. Electronic products can cause people's lack of sense of reality and social withdrawal, and even lead to depression. When the addiction to electronic products becomes addictive and irrational, personality changes dramatically.
Lost traditional culture. Xia Xueluan, Professor of sociology, pointed out that many people tend to forget words when they are used to computers. Games and TV programs take the place of traditional reading and even read books.  Traditional culture may disappear in these flashing screens.
C Calm Face to Electronic Products
In October 2010, Chiang Kai Shek, a key middle school in a certain high school, confiscated 7 mobile phones, 4 MP4 and 2 PSP game consoles in less than two months. "One student has just been handed over a cell phone, and in the next few days he has another one." Teacher Jiang said helplessly.  Parents'indulgence of their children has become one of the reasons for the proliferation of electronic products.
Children should be appropriately exposed to electronic products. The emergence of new IPAD has become the new favorite of many young people. Writing homework with computers is no longer a novelty. Children are more likely to become dependent on electronic products. Parents should stipulate that they should watch TV no more than half an hour a day and try not to watch TV after dinner.
Adults should be calm in the face of electronic products. In recent years, there has also been a trend of "anti-e-mail" in the international community. Some companies stipulate that employees are not allowed to send e-mails on Fridays or weekends, and others require that they do not send e-mails within a week in order to achieve the goal of "dealing with each other's problems personally".
The elderly should accept electronic products. For the elderly, because their lives are monotonous and lonely in their later years, families should encourage them to "shock" and use various kinds of electronic products, such as using computers to surf the Internet. It can not only be out of touch with the times, but also enrich the life of old age.
Finally, experts suggest that people who regularly use electronic products should eat more vitamin A foods such as animal liver, spinach and carrots to protect their eyes. Drinking two cups of green tea and eating an orange every day can resist the radiation of electronic products.