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About us

About us

Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of audio-visual equipment, professional audio and automotive electronics. The company formerly known as the city of Huadu District, the elegant Yao Pu Fu Si electronics factory, was founded in 2006. Guangzhou Yi Er Electronics Co., Ltd. has two brands of "YEEREE" for the domestic market and the foreign market. The series of digital display stands, central control system, multimedia integrated machine, special power amplifier for teaching and conferences, speakers, automotive dedicated amplifier, KTV professional audio equipment and conference system have excellent cost performance in the industry. Our products have been exported to European and American markets in 2012. After 2012, we will vigorously promote the domestic education industry and public broadcasting industry.
Since its establishment, the company has been leading a number of highly qualified and highly skilled R & D personnel to continuously develop high-quality products that are suitable for the market. We have gradually developed a team of professional sales personnel, accumulated rich experience in the changing market situation, and set up our own engineering installation team and after-sales service department. Formed its own set of corporate culture and business philosophy. The company has a certain reputation in the industry with its high-quality product quality, good service concept, good reputation concept and superb professional and technical level.
Our slogan: love education! Service education!

Corporate culture:
Enterprise positioning:
Diversified high-tech enterprises!
Company mission:
Realize your dream and strive for the development of the industry and social progress!
Corporate objectives:
Pursue excellent service and quality, and become a better audio and video equipment expert in China.
Business philosophy:
Dare to be the first, create value, share value and pursue excellence!
Management philosophy:
People-oriented, people do their best, harmonious progress, outstanding dedication!
Marketing philosophy:
Self-innovation, resource integration, win the world!
Service concept:
Enthusiasm, fast and efficient, selfless dedication!
Quality concept:
Pursue better!
Work philosophy:
Active, active, diligent, efficient, responsible, progressive, passionate!
Team awareness:
Sincere unity and cooperation, strive to achieve the dream!