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How to Improve the Utilization Rate of School Teaching Equipment

Time:2019-08-24 View:401
Education decides the development of the country and the future of the nation. In recent years, the state has increased its financial investment in education. In order to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources, it has paid more attention to weak links such as school construction, teaching equipment and facilities. However, the survey found that there are serious waste of educational resources such as teaching equipment and other problems, such as low utilization rate.

How to improve the utilization rate of teaching equipment, Tianzhi Industrial puts forward the following solutions. 1. The use of teaching equipment is generally related to the operation of teaching equipment under the arrangement of course hours. To improve the utilization rate of laboratory equipment, we can reasonably increase the course hours, so that students can have more operation time, skilled in the standardized operation of the experiment also improve the utilization rate of teaching equipment. 2. Laboratories in teaching equipment should be opened up so that students can operate in their spare time and become autonomous learning tools around students, so as to create more autonomous learning atmosphere for students. 3. Establishing a sound and effective mechanism, without affecting safety, to lend all kinds of experimental equipment and other teaching equipment to students to use at home, is conducive to cultivating students'independent academic research ability, and is also a positive response to the national strategy of vigorously developing education. Children bring home a lot of teaching equipment, but the harvest is full of growth and happiness, why not? Education is not an empty word. We must put it into practice. There is still much room for improvement and optimization. Only by expanding the use space and time of teaching equipment and letting students benefit, can the country and the nation benefit.